About Us

WELCOME TO BOY SCOUT TROOP 267 Our program exists for one reason – our Scouts!

The Boy Scouts of America offers a unique and exciting opportunity for youth to learn and grow individually and as part of a group. Our philosophy is simple. We try to maintain a friendly, happy atmosphere where we can be comfortable with each other while striving to take full advantage of the Scouting program. Troop 267 maintains a well-balanced outdoor program of drive-in and backpack camping, hiking, advancement, merit badges, service projects and fund raising. A word about commitment: It is Troop 267’s belief that a Scout will benefit most if he has interested and active parents. Without this parental support, a Scout suffers. In addition, extra burdens are placed on the Parent Committee and Adult Leadership, taking away from the rest of the Scouts. We have never had a Scout attain the rank of Eagle Scout without significant parent involvement. All Adult Leadership and Parent Committee positions must be filled for the program to be successful. We recognize that those single parents with jobs involving travel or irregular work schedules, those with large families and those involved with their children’s other activities may find it difficult to fill one of the positions. However, there is always something you can do. Each family is requested to share equally in the Troop responsibilities so that no single individual or family will have to “shoulder more than their share of the load.” The Troop also needs your attendance at the Parent Committee monthly meetings, Courts of Honors and other Troop-wide gatherings. We expect you to encourage your son’s involvement in Patrol and Troop activities. Please contact our Scoutmaster by e-mail at scoutmaster@truckee267.mytroop.us. or the Parent Committee Chairperson by e-mail at committeechair@truckee267.mytroop.us; for any additional information you may need or any questions you may have.